Student Acknowledges Coffee Drink that Got Her through College, Includes it in Graduation Photos

Everyone knows that at some point in your college life, you would need coffee to stay awake the whole night to finish studying for a major exam or complete a project or prepare for a final presentation. But while most of us dismiss coffee as a necessity, one student acknowledges the coffee drink that got her through college – by including it in her graduation photos!

Netizen Zildjian Athelstane Velasco Yaneza has gone viral for posting photos while drinking Kopiko bottled coffee and posing with a bottle.

Photos by Zildjian Athelstane Velasco Yaneza / Facebook

Yaneza shared that when she brought the bottle to the photoshoot, the photographer jokingly asked whether she was going to pour the coffee on herself – after all, gimmicks are common during graduation photoshoots!

But Yaneza wasn’t going to do something as drastic as pouring coffee on herself. Instead, she just posed with the coffee bottle – much like a model would, perhaps, do it. The half-joke, half-serious post has since gone viral on Facebook, gaining over 8.8k reactions and nearly 1.5k shares.

Many netizens enjoyed the post, with some saying that they had not thought of doing that same pose considering that they have also survived through coffee in their college years.

To date, Kopiko has not yet publicly acknowledged Yaneza’s post but it might not be long before they would share the post or perhaps take her as a product endorser! After all, her story is definitely more credible and definitely real, compared with some random celebrity model right?