Russian Filmmaker Brings Family to the Philippines, Takes Awesome Vacation Photos of “Paradise”

The time here was so beautiful, we got lots of beautiful pictures and videos. It’s just amazing…it’s like a paradise,” said Russian filmmaker and photographer Alexander Tikhomirov, after taking his family to a vacation in the Philippines.

They traveled to the beautiful beaches in the country, particularly in Coron, Palawan, and Cebu province. They tasted not just the usual Filipino food but exotic varieties such as a grilled crocodile dish they enjoyed at a resort in Coron.

But while Tikhomirov’s beach scenes were quite popular with his followers, many were also impressed with the snapshots he took of his son in what looked like dangerous but amazing poses during the trip!

For instance, there is one of the boy enjoying an underwater swim with his parents.

Photo credit: sashatikhomirov / IG

Some think the snapshot was not authentic and that Tikhomirov had only photoshopped the boy and the bubbles in the photo but many of us think it was for real and that the boy simply enjoys swimming and was as excited as his parents to have fun at the beach!

Finally came back to Moscow! Philippines were amazing:) going to come back again

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The child certainly looks like he loves to explore the beach as he could be seen crawling on the white-sand shoreline.

And then there was this photo of Tikhomirov holding his son up with one hand while the boy appears to prepare for a dive towards his mom or down the azure waters below!


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Tikhomirov said that he and his family truly loved the Philippines and that they would be coming back again to this beautiful paradise. Coming from a well-traveled person who’s gone to many stunning destinations like Maldives, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and California, the praise was truly wonderful!

Check out his VLOG about their trip to the Philippines here: