Pinay in “The Voice” Season 12 Wins Knockouts Round, Advances to the Live Shows

Screenshot from video by The Voice / NBC

Filipinos always get excited every time a ‘kababayan’ makes it to an international competition or some contest outside the country – and this is proven yet again when a Filipina makes it to “The Voice” Season 12.

Anatalia Villaranda is an early favorite in the show, especially because she turned four chairs in the blind auditions and was among the artists featured during the show’s premiere episode.

Anatalia has recently won the knockout round versus Dawson Coyle, advancing to the live shows where artists get to advance to the finals based on votes from the audience and TV viewers.

Screenshot from video by The Voice / NBC

In the round, Anatalia sang Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs”. Fans could not help but point out how she sang the song much like Carrie, with her powerful vocals impressing the coaches. Meanwhile, her opponent for the Knockouts, Dawson, sang “Demons”; he started the notoriously difficult song a little flat but managed to improve the performance a few more lines into the song.

Still, Coach Alicia Keys was more impressed with Anatalia’s vocal prowess and named her as the winner of this Knockouts round. She advances to the Live Shows which will start later this month.

Watch Anatalia’s powerful performance in this video:

Also check out Dawson’s performance here:

If you were to judge their performances, who do you pick as the winner?