Netizens Slam Parents for Leaving Baby in Bus, But Father Claims He Only Went to the Toilet But the Bus Left Him Behind

Last week, reports of a cute baby who was left in a bus headed for San Jose, Nueva Ecija went viral on social media, with netizens slamming the child’s parents for leaving him there; but later reports belied the viral post as the father claimed he had only gone to the toilet but the bus left without him.

According to the Facebook page, Trending Newsfeed Info, a Princess KT sent them photos of the baby being held by a concerned citizen aboard the Baliwag Transit Bus bound for San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

The post calls on the child’s mother to take back the baby, especially knowing that the child’s parents were surely concerned about his whereabouts after he got separated from them.

Photo credit: Trending Newsfeed Info / Princess T – Facebook

But as the post went viral, more netizens slammed the parents and argued that no one ‘accidentally’ leaves babies in public transport, especially a moving bus headed to some far off destination!

Later in the day, a certain Innah Candyd Ong claimed that the child has been reunited with his father based on a supposed post by Sanjosecity PS Neppo on its Facebook page; however, checking the police station’s Facebook account showed no such mention of the child’s reunion with his father.

Ong further claimed that the father had only gone to the toilet but the bus left without him.

While it is quite possible that the father did have an ‘emergency’ in the toilet, other netizens said that he should have told the conductor about it or the person sitting next to him so that the bus wouldn’t leave him behind, especially because he had a baby with him!

Others came to the dad’s defense, saying that dads deal with situations differently compared with moms; thus, the dad must have assumed that the bus wouldn’t leave him behind and that he was possibly embarrassed about telling his seatmate about his toilet emergency.

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