Netizens Express Envy over Photos of Gorgeous Woman and Her ‘Simple’ Husband

Society expects a beautiful woman to marry a handsome man because people tend to fall in love first with looks, right? And the average ones are supposed to fall in love with each other. When there’s a little ‘imbalance’, people take a second look and wonder how the average one made the other fall in love!

While everyone is beautiful and handsome in his/her own way, of course, society does have this ‘standard’ of how people are ‘rated’ based on their looks.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Many would say that – yet we still judge people by their looks, anyway. This truth holds true especially on social media.

Photo credit: Lucy LuvElla / Facebook

Social media was recently abuzz with photos of a young family. A lot of Filipinos think the girl is Filipina. But aside from the girl looking like a Filipina, the photo also went viral because compared to his gorgeous wife, the guy looks rather ‘average’.

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