Netizen Posts about ‘Almost Getting Rich’, After All Numbers in Ticket were Picked in Lotto Draw But in Another Game!

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to win the lottery – and getting all the numbers right is next to impossible, although mathematicians will tell you that the chances of getting the correct combination is not impossible but could be one in a few millions!

Still, many people continue to buy lottery tickets or pick their own numbers, in hopes that they would win the game and go home with the huge jackpot prize.

Now, there’s a woman in the Philippines who bought a lottery ticket. The following day, she looked at the results and was so excited after seeing all the numbers of her ticket picked in the lotto draw – until she double checked the results and realized that her numbers ‘won’ in another game, not in the one she chose!

Photo credit: Sheena Katrina Aquino Mesina / Facebook

The woman’s daughter, Sheena Katrina Aquino Mesina, posted the ‘winning’ ticket as well as the actual results on her Facebook account. Not surprisingly, the post went viral as many empathized with the Mesina family, and many saying that they should have used the numbers on both the 6/55 and 6/45 games.

Had the mom gotten hold of both tickets, they could have won over Php85 million in the grand lotto 6/55 draw! Unlucky for her, she only got the ticket for the mega lotto 6/45 draw.

Other netizens advised them to continue playing the lotto games and buying two tickets from now on but others also told them that this simply was not meant to be and that this could be a sign that they should stop playing lotto. What do you think?