Mentally Handicapped Woman Goes Viral, Earns Praise for Taking Care of Her Baby Despite Challenging Condition

Photos by Honey Stepie - NTD TV

In a world where we hear a lot of stories about newborn babies being thrown away by their own parents, it is refreshing to also hear stories of those who made sure to take care of theirs despite the challenges they are facing.

Take for example a mentally handicapped woman whose photos have been circulating on social media, earning her praise from netizens who were amazed that she takes good care of her baby despite her challenging condition.

Netizen Honey Stepie shares some photos of the woman taking care of the babies; although she did not indicate where the photos were taken and whether someone helped the woman and the baby afterwards.

Photos by Honey Stepie – NTD TV

In the post, Stepie admired the mentally handicapped woman because she made sure the baby is alright whereas there are a lot of physically and mentally sound mothers who throw away their babies like trash just because these children can be a hindrance in their lives or they could not afford to raise them.

While there were no indications where the photos were taken, some suggest these were from the Philippines. We just hope that the mother and her baby get help soonest as they surely wouldn’t survive on their own for long.

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