LOOK: Woman Shares Funny “Expectation vs Reality” Photos of Tattered Dress She Bought from Online Store

The advent of the internet has changed so many things in the way people live. We’ve got to admit that things are much easier to do these days, including shopping. One no longer has to go out of their homes to buy the things they need.

In fact, you buy just about anything and everything on the internet – including houses, cars, gadgets, groceries, and even your own island! Yep, online shopping has been quite helpful to countless people.

On the other side of the coin, however, are the unscrupulous individuals who trick people into buying stuff that look great in the ad or on the online shop’s listing but turn out to be so different from the buyers’ expectations.

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One woman in the Philippines recently shared photos of a tattered dress she bought from an online store. This unnamed woman’s post got reposted on Facebook page, Bisaya Pa More.

Photo credit: Bisaya Pa More / Facebook

In this post, the woman said that she is just sharing the photos of her new dress because she really didn’t know whether she would laugh or cry after trying out the item.

What do you think of her new dress?

While there were those who laughed along with the woman and enjoyed her, errrrrr, lovely new dress, many commented that she should have looked at the model because that girl looked quite tall and a bit on the chubby side; however, if we may say something, the woman who bought the dress also looked chubby enough to fill out the dress – had it been the correct one sent!

Based on the photo, her ‘dress’ looks like an oversized t-shirt that has seen better days…