LOOK: Twins in Bacolod City, Both Graduate Magna Cum Laude!

The top graduates from Bacolod City College in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental are extra special this year because they are twins!

Twin sisters Angelou and Angelyn Belocura of Sipalay City, Negros Occidental both graduated as magna cum laude from the course Bachelor of Science in Office Administration – and their parents are certainly proud of the double achievement.

The twins both admitted that the course was not what they had actually wanted to take because they both wanted to become teachers; however, financial constraints led to them choosing a cheaper course to take from the state university.

After all, their elder sister Ma. Blezil had to sacrifice her own studies and quit her nursing studies to become a call center agent to send the twins to school and support the family. They had been doing fine before their father lost his job overseas and their mom had to care for their sick brother.

So, Ma. Blezil sacrificed her studies – but this certainly paid off rather well, now that the twins both graduated magna cum laude from their course!

Photo credit: Belocura family / ABS-CBN News

Angelou and Angelyn revealed that though there had been moments of sibling rivalry, their extraordinary twin bond prevailed and this helped them through college. They didn’t even have to take down all the notes because one twin does one part while the other does the other; then, as they study, they just swap notes!

They also help each other in making assignments and projects, becoming each other’s cheerleaders. Their hard work and their sister’s sacrifice paid off. As they graduate magna cum laude, their parents and elder sister couldn’t help but feel extra proud of their double achievements.

After graduation, the two plan to apply at the Hall of Justice in Bacolod City – and judging by their school merits, they wouldn’t have a hard time finding a job real soon!

Congratulations, ladies! Welcome to the real world and good luck in landing your dream jobs…