LOOK: To Debunk Reputation of Being Lazy Students, Gamers Post Photos of “Graduation” in an Internet Shop

Photo credit: Gerald Rafael / Twitter

A lot of people believe that gamers are just a bunch of lazy students who hate going to school and would rather sit in front of the computer at some internet shop and spend the day playing games instead of attending their classes.

Well, while there is some truth to this stereotype, there have been a lot of gamers who went on and had successfully careers for themselves. And there were also others who actually got rich and famous through gaming, too!

For instance, the latest International Dota competition had a prize pool of $20 million!

Last April 5, a group of Mechanical Engineering graduates posted some photos and videos of their mock graduation from an internet shop in Cubao in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Graduate na kami sa Maraming salamat sa 6pm promos!

Sa wakas! Natapos na namin ang pagpapanggap sa eskwela!


Photo credit: Gerald Rafael / Twitter

These gamers are graduating from Technological Institute of the Philippines but before their actual graduation on April 10, they enjoyed a fun graduation from the internet shop where they have enjoyed many hours together.

The initial plan was to take picture.. ng nakatoga kami while nag lalaro, napag tripan nalang din namin na mag video,” said Arlo Diaz, one of the gamers in the video.

(The initial plan was to take a picture of us wearing our togas while playing, then it eventually led to us making a video.)

We aren’t sure where these of gamers are headed but they are just so happy that they are graduating from college – and they have just debunked the bad reputation of gamers as lazy students who only hang out at internet shops to play games and aren’t serious with their studies.

How fun it would surely be to see these gamers holding PRC IDs as licensed engineers the next time they get together at that computer shop, right?