LOOK: Sunshine Cruz Graduates from College!

A lot of actors and actresses who started out young do not often get the chance to graduate from college (or even in high school) on time because they were busy in their careers while others are busy in school.

It’s a good thing that earning a degree does not really have a deadline – and everyone can get it no matter how old they might already be.

Well, recently, Filipina actress Sunshine Cruz joined the roster of graduates, after completing a degree in psychology from Arellano University. Taken under an alternative program, the degree allowed Sunshine to finish the course without going through traditional methods.

It’s never too late to go back to school,” Sunshine said last year when she announced that she planned to enroll in college and finish a degree.

Photo credit: sunshinecruz718 / Instagram

It can be recalled that Sunshine joined showbiz as a teenager and had quickly risen to fame that she was not able to complete her studies.

Even today that alternative forms of education, including homeschooling, are available, a lot of young actors and actresses still struggle to complete their studies due to the demands of their career – and you can just imagine how much difficult it had surely been in the past when such options were not available.

Thanks to alternative programs, a lot of people, not just actors and actresses, are able to complete their studies without needing to physically go to school every day.

Sunshine took the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) at Arellano University, completing a degree in AB Psychology.

Congratulations, Sunshine Cruz!