LOOK: ‘Simple’ Girl Transforms into a Gorgeous Woman, Shares Photos of Incredible Metamorphosis after Puberty

While there are those who are blessed with good looks even as a kid, it is also a reality in life that there are those who start out as ‘simple’ and ‘ordinary’ but turn out to be gorgeous after puberty! Of course, there are also those who look cute and adorable as kids but later become ‘simple’.

We are all beautiful in different ways, of course – and we don’t want to start a debate on whether it is proper to label people as ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’.

All we want to do is to share these incredible photos shared by netizen Aleksis Corbi who shared her own transformation photos from one simple girl to a gorgeous woman after puberty!

Photos by Aleksis Corbi / Facebook

A lot of netizens were quite amazed with the transformation, with her post gaining over 41k shares and 6.2k comments, within 10 days after she posted it on Facebook.

Many would not believe that the girl in the first few photos was the same as the gorgeous woman in half of the series! But Aleksis claims she really is that girl and the photos in the series are all of her.

So, let’s check them out. Feel free to tell us if you think the young girl in the photos is not the same as the grown woman…

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