Japanese Tourist Returns to the Philippines to Personally Thank Three Davao Policewomen for Their Help

Around two years ago, during the Kadayawan Festival in 2015, a Japanese tourist named Koniko Sugiyama was walking in the streets of Davao City in southern Philippines, looking for a place where she can best have lunch, when she spotted three policewomen and asked for help.

Confused with directions and struggling to effectively communicate, she feared for her safety not knowing the reputation for tranquility of Davao City,” a post on the Facebook page of Davao City Police Office (DCPO) revealed.

At the time, the three policewomen were also going out to lunch. They were identified as PO2 Irene Cenabre, PO3 Chinglee Dalogdog, and PO3 Lorna Olorvida.

Photo credit: Dcpo Pcr Branch / Facebook

Upon learning that Sugiyama was unsure of where she should eat because she wasn’t familiar with Davao City, the three did not hesitate to provide assistance.

Not only did they suggest a place where Sugiyama can eat, they also made sure she doesn’t get lost by accompanying her there. In the taxi, they chatted a bit and Sugiyama gave them her contact details.

With inherent hearts for helping the needy, not only did point her towards the right direction, but accompanied Ms Sugiyama via TAXI going to her destination even paying for the transportation cost. At SM, the said policewomen even went further in comforting the elderly tourist by treating her with lunch at the food court. After an exchange of thanks and pleasantry, they parted ways,” the DCPO post added.

But because the policewomen didn’t think what they did was extra special, they simply forgot about Sugiyama’s contact details. They didn’t contact the tourist at all.

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