Husband of OFW in Kuwait Receives Mixed Reactions after Posting Video about What He Will Do with Wife’s Remittance

Everyone knows how difficult life can be when you’re an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), especially when working as domestic helper in countries like Kuwait.

But we also know that there are families who upgrade their lifestyles and spend the money the OFW family member sends them on things they don’t really need, such as the latest gadgets. Sadly, many OFWs return from years of working abroad with no savings, no house, no investments – because the money they sent to their families went to iPhones, branded clothes, and fancy restaurants.

So, when one husband posted a video about what he would do with his wife’s remittance, his post went viral on social media; although it gained mixed reactions because, well, there are just people who can find negative in everything.

Photo credit: Reynaldo Pepito / Facebook

In an honest post uploaded last April 20, Reynaldo Pepito shows the money he received from his wife who is working in Kuwait. According to Tatay Reynaldo, this is his wife’s first remittance but despite the huge amount of money he is holding, he is not 100% happy about it because his wife is far away and that life feels happier if families are [physically] living together.

While the video began a bit negatively, netizens would soon praise him after he revealed what he would do with his wife’s money!

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