Husband Forgets to Wear His Wedding Ring, Receives Adorable “Notice to Explain” Email from Wife

The wedding ring is a symbol of the couple’s bond, a seal of their love for each other. But while there are those who never really take off the jewelry piece of their fingers, many of us actually put it on only when going out of the house – and that’s completely normal and acceptable.

But one husband soon realized that forgetting to wear his wedding ring had some rather ‘serious’ consequences after his wife found out about it.

Ranji Barriga of Davao City, southern Philippines was in a hurry to go to work as he was already running late that he forgot to wear his wedding ring. Upon discovering the offense, wife Carla Joyce Anne Barriga wrote him a “notice to explain” email – and it’s the most adorable thing!

Photo credit: Carla Cezar-Barriga / Facebook

After receiving a formal reply from her husband, Carla decided to share the email exchange on Facebook. The post quickly went viral, with many people tagging their partners and hinting that they also want the same experience or would like to collect a similar ‘disciplinary action’ for the offense committed.

With Carla’s formal email, we expect that her husband’s response would be in similar fashion – and we weren’t disappointed.

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