Heartbreaking Video Shows Son Completing His Sick Mother’s Bucket List

Photo credit: SMART Communications / Facebook

A lot of us have dreams and plans we want to fulfill in our lives, places we wish to visit, things we want to do, etc. But fate has other plans – and we sometimes get too busy with other concerns that we forget about these wishes until it is too late.

For this reason, a lot of people these days forego saving money, in favor of taking vacations with the family and doing things they wish to get done before their time on Earth is up.

Do you have a bucket list? It’s probably time to make one and start getting the list completed.

Take for example this heartbreaking video showing a young man traveling to various tourist spots in the Philippines, visiting his grandfather’s house, traveling to a school, or checking out a bench by the beach.

Photo credit: SMART Communications / Facebook

Each time he goes to a place, he appears to strike off the item from his bucket list but it was later revealed that he wasn’t the one doing it but his mom who is sick and appears to be in a hospital, monitoring his trips through her smartphone.

While this is an ad for a mobile network, the video touched the hearts of many netizens who felt that it was really bittersweet for the son to be the one completing his sick mother’s bucket list – but it was great that he was able to do it so she could be at peace.

I guess it’s time to make my bucket list and have those things fulfilled before it gets too late and my son has to be the one to do it… Do you agree?