Guy Excitedly Goes on Camping Trip with Tent for “5-6 Persons”, But Discovers that Online Shop Sent Him One for Kids “5-6 Years Old”

It’s summer! Everyone wants to go on a trip to some exotic destination or try something new like camping at the beach, rappelling down a cliff, diving with whale sharks, and lots of other exciting activities. The Philippines has a lot of that to offer – and more!

This summer, a lot of tourists have taken to camping because this is definitely much cheaper than booking a hotel. Of course, you get a lot less amenities and perks in camping but it actually gives you more bragging rights on social media.

Now, one guy named Mark Philip Francisco had planned on a camping trip with his buddies; thus, he bought a large tent from a popular online shop, making sure that he picked a large one that could fit 5-6 persons.

Francisco excitedly packed his bags and his tent for the camping trip but he would soon realize that the tent he was setting up was far from being able to accommodate 5-6 persons! Oooops.

Photo credit: Mark Philip Francisco – Facebook / Danified

Seeing humor in his situation despite the inconvenience, Francisco asked a friend to take a photo of him in the tent – well, only half of him because that’s the only part that could fit in the tent! LOL.

Francisco shared the photo on his Facebook account, telling people where he got the tent and how he had paid for something that promised to accommodate around 5-6 persons but got one that can only fit kids who are 5-6 years old.

He’s not the only one who got duped by an online ad that looks quite promising. Check out this story:

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