Gorgeous Pinay Teacher Who Loves Snakes Goes Viral, Gets Guys Wishing They Were Back in School Again

Everyone knows that most people would rather be out of school and enjoy a day at the beach or some fun place! But things change a bit when the teacher looks gorgeous – because many would want to spend more time in school so they can be with their hot teacher for a longer time.

So, when netizens discovered gorgeous teacher Kheny Soliva Berco of Bacolod City in Negros Occidental, central Philippines, a lot of guys joked (and we know those jokes are half-meant!) that they wished they were back in school again so they can be her students.

Awwwwwww. That’s so adorable, guys! But did you know that if Teacher Kheny was you teacher, you’ll have to be cute and adorable, too? Well, that’s because she just graduated from Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, major in Early Childhood Education at University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City – if that meant nothing to you, then we’ll just have to spell it out for you…

Photos by Kheny Soliva Berco / Facebook

Guys, Teacher Kheny is a preschool teacher! So, you’ll have to be anywhere from 3 to 5 years old to score a seat in her class! LOL.

But there’s still some hope for you – if you love snakes, anyway. Teacher Kheny loves snakes and has a pet named Damian.

So, if you wish to score a date and have something in common with this gorgeous teacher, you might want to get her a snake or something.

Check out more photos of this gorgeous lady from Bacolod.

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