Girl Shares Inspiring Photos of Weight Loss Challenge Results: From Overweight to Sexy!

There are a lot of “post your photos” challenges on Facebook these days – and many have truly inspiring results! Some ask you to post photos before and after puberty for the #PubertyChallenge while others ask you to post photos before and after losing weight for the #WeightLossChallenge.

One girl has gained netizens’ attention, thanks to her incredible weight loss challenge results. In a series of photos, Rizza Jane Robles Paragas shared her amazing transformation from an overweight girl into a stunning, sexy woman!

Photos by Rizza Jane Robles Paragas / Facebook

While the challenge asked people to post a photo every year starting 2013 up to 2017, Rizza decided to add one more year just to make the challenge more ‘drastic’.

It is easy to see that in her 2012 photo, she’s quite overweight – perhaps even obese! But as the years progressed, you will be amazed by her incredible transformation.

Rizza joked that back in 2012, no one dared to ask her for a date; although she said she wasn’t sure why.

What can you say about Rizza’s weight loss journey? Amazing, isn’t it? The next photos are unbelievable!