Filipino Netizens Express Shock after Seeing Video on How to Properly Clean Shrimps

Shrimps are tasty food – and you can cook it in many ways. You can even just fry it in oil or butter, put it in ‘sinigang’, or enjoy it with sweet chili sauce.

For many Filipinos and even other races, cooking shrimp entails just cutting out the long antennas (the ones that sometimes look like hair), washing the shrimp, and putting it in the pan for cooking – but did you know that this is not the proper way to clean the shrimp?

Oooooops! It seems that we’ve been doing it the wrong way all these years…

Photo credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook

But don’t worry because it seems that almost everyone is doing this. When Facebook page “Ginalingan Eh” shared a video of how to properly clean shrimps, it garnered over 21,000 shares and more than 1.4k comments, most of which were from surprised netizens who didn’t know that shrimp should be cleaned this way!

It turned out that you have to remove the waste or abdominal tract at the back of the shrimp in a process called ‘deveining’.

Notice that black thing at the back of the shrimp? That’s its waste! Oooooops. Does that mean we’ve been eating shrimp waste for a long, long time? Ewwwwww!

Filipino netizens expressed shock over this. Many of the comments on the post went this way:

Let’s change the way we eat shrimp. Watch the video on the next page to learn how to properly and easily do it.

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