Elder Brother Skips a Year in School to be Classmates with Disabled Sister He has to Carry on His Back

Proving that poverty and having a disability should not be hindrance to fulfilling your dreams, a pair of siblings in Cebu graduated together – and the most heartbreaking but beautiful thing about it is that the elder brother skipped a year in school so he could be classmates with his disabled younger sister he has to carry every day!

The girl, identified in a viral post on Facebook page Cebu Citizen Report as Ella Mae Belido, could not walk but this did not stop the siblings from going to school anyway – even if that meant the elder brother had to sacrifice not just his time but also his own body as he carried her to school every single day.

Photo credit: Leonard Nuñez / Cebu Citizen Report – Facebook

Their plight went viral when it was shared on Cebu Citizen Report by a certain Leonard Nuñez who probably spotted them at the graduation ceremony.

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