Earth Day Gone Wrong? Disappointed Runner Shares Photos of Trash in Eco-Marathon

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated to help raise awareness about how people should do our share in saving the environment or we’ll never have a planet to live in because we destroyed it by our foolish actions.

One of the highlights of Earth Day is the annual NatGeo Earth Day Run, an eco-marathon that aims to raise awareness about helping the planet and saving the environment; sadly, it seems that the organizers and the runners have forgotten the exact reason why the event is done.

Last Sunday, April 23, thousands of runners participated in the eco-marathon but while they were all running for Earth Day, they have also left bags of trash behind!

Photo credit: Romina Lim / Facebook

During the run, hundreds of paper and plastic cups could be strewn around near the water stations and along the route. While these were later cleaned up by the organizers, runner and environmentalist Romina Lim points out that the eco marathon aims to protect the Earth yet the opposite is happening instead.

So, does she suggest the organizers do next time? Read on to find out…