Despite Age, 92-Year-Old Man Remains Active

In an interview with Salamat Dok, Lolo Reling said that he maintained a balanced diet and refrained from vices when he was young, “I don’t drink, smoke or do anything that will destroy my physical condition.” Even at the age of 92, he always practices his motor movements and doesn’t want to stay idle because he feels like he’s getting weak.

He and his wife, Lola Tessie are very health conscious; they only eat leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, and anything other than pork and beef. He also said that we should be mindful in what we eat and that we should not eat fatty, salty, and food that are too sweet.

Screenshot From ABS-CBN News’ Video via Youtube

Lola Tessie, on the other hand, is still active at the age of 88. She teaches junior legionaries on how to make different kinds of rosaries (wire, nylon, sinulid) which can be a source of their income. She also does gardening and taking care of her dogs during her free time.

Wala akong nararamdamang sakit sa katawan,” she said.

Aside from the fact that they are physically fit, they also maintain their relationship stronger as the years go by. They are one of the living proofs that there is forever; you just have to maintain the fire of love and respect with each other.

Watch the full video of them below: