Dead Priest “Photobombs” a Group of Tourists Visiting an Old Church in Masbate, He Died Last Year

A group of tourists visiting Masbate got the shock of their life when their pictures were ‘photobombed’ by a dead priest! Eeeeeeek! Scary, right?

According to Kaye Henson, her mother and some friends went on a trip to Burias, Masbate last April 12, 2017. A local suggested that they visit the church which is the second oldest in Masbate.

When the group arrived, there were only two people inside – both were thin guys; one was wearing a red shirt while another was wearing blue.

Henson’s mom and friends prayed in the church before posing for some photos outside.

Back in their hotel room, the friends were busy checking their photos for the best ones to post on social media but one of them exclaimed that some of the photos she wanted to post had a photobomber.

Photo credit: Kaye Henson / Facebook

Since they had not met anyone else there, even while taking photos, the group was surprised to see a photobomber in some of the snapshots. Clad in white, this photobomber appeared to move from the side of the group towards the middle.

But zooming in on the shots, they screamed in unison – for the face on the screen looked like a decaying skull! As if on cue, the cellphone shutdown by itself!

Scared now? Check out the next photo for a closer look at the creepy photobomber…