Coco Martin Fulfills a Dying Grandma’s Wish, Visits Her at the Hospital after His Arrival from Canada

Coco Martin is one of today’s best young stars in the Philippines – and he has proven yet again that he’s not just awesome on TV but he’s also great in real life!

Early this month, a video went viral of a dying grandma’s wish to meet the actor in person. Lola Rosita Espiritu is one of Coco’s biggest fans but because she’s bed-ridden and has suffered from stroke for 7 times, she could no longer visit him on the set of his “Ang Probinsyano” TV series even if someone gives her a chance to do so.

During her birthday last April 3, 2017, her family and the staff of the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERM Medical Center) threw her a Coco Martin-themed birthday bash.

Photo credit: Coco Martin / Instagram

They wore Coco Martin masks to pretend they are the actor, much to the sick grandma’s delight. The video taken at the party would soon go viral and reach the actor who promised to visit Lola Rosita when he comes back from Canada and the US.

Sure enough, on April 19, Coco went to UERM Medical Center carrying a huge bouquet of flowers for Lola Rosita and spoke with the old lady. But the charming actor did not just stop at chatting with his biggest fan – he also gave her a kiss on the forehead! It was definitely a sign of love and respect for the old lady.

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