Carabao Goes Viral after Kid Takes More Pity on it Than at Man Drowning in the Flood

Screenshots from video by Cess Lumen Lanticse / Irish Ong

Can you imagine a carabao going viral on social media? While that is highly unlikely, there’s this carabao who actually went viral – it was so popular that its video has gained over 3.8 million views on Facebook! Crazy, isn’t it?

But why is this carabao so popular, anyway?

It all started when the clip was uploaded on Facebook by Irish Ong, crediting the video to Cess Lumen Lanticse. Taken somewhere in Davao, southern Philippines, the video shows a man on a carabao, crossing a flooded road.

Screenshots from video by Cess Lumen Lanticse / Irish Ong

A child could be heard screaming for the old man in Visayan, telling him to go back because the flood waters were too strong for the poor carabao to handle. But as the man continued to make the carabao walk, it was soon apparent that it could not handle the deep and fast-flowing water!

Afraid for the two, the distraught kid kept screaming for the man to go back but as the carabao stumbled and the man fell down the raging waters, the child could be heard taking more pity on the carabao than the man drowning in the flood!

Kaluoy sa kabaw! (The carabao is so pitiful!),” the kid kept repeating.

Even if the kid did say “Kaluoy sa tawo. (The man is so pitiful!)” at times, it was clear that there was more concern for the carabao than the man – and this actually made a lot of people laugh. The kid does have a point; after all, the man was repeatedly warned not to cross the flooded road but he didn’t listen.

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