Boy Miraculously Survives after Jumping from 10-Storey Building Using Umbrella as Parachute

Parents, don’t let your kids watch cartoon shows without adult supervision.

A 7-year-old boy in China made headlines after imitating a cartoon character parachuting from the window using an umbrella. The unnamed youngster miraculously survived his fall from a 10-storey building in Suzhou in Jiangsu province.

Although his apartment is located on the fifth floor, it is said that penthouse duplex has a height equivalent to 10-storeys.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Straits Times

However, reports revealed that it wasn’t the umbrella that really saved the boy from death. A power line  located two storeys from the ground broke his fall.

The boy, who sustained serious injuries, underwent an emergency surgery. Fortunately, his injuries are no longer life threatening and he is already in a stable condition.

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