Boy from Pampanga Receives 58 Medals on Graduation from Elementary

How medals have you receive from your school back when you were a student? I really haven’t kept track of mine but the most I got was six medals in elementary for graduating Valedictorian yet there’s this boy who graduated with a total of fifty eight!

Meet 12-year-old Joshua Santiago who graduated from Mabiga Mabalacat Elementary School in Mabalacat Pampanga with the most number of medals. At fifty eight, those certainly felt heavy around his neck!

Photo credit: Joshua Santiago / Facebook

You can easily see the pride on his mother’s face as she placed those medals around the boy’s neck, in a clip that Joshua later shared on Facebook.

Mas mabigat ngayon compare Last Year .. Hahhaha .. Happy Day .. Graduation Day ..” the happy boy wrote.

But because he did not elaborate what those medals were for and the same could also not be heard being announced on the video, netizens had fun creating jokes about the whole thing.

Buong classroom ata sya na kumuha ng medal hahaha para hnd na tatayo ung iba .. lol hahahaha,” one netizen joked.

Others commented that the results were rigged and that his parents have surely paid the teachers to give him those medals.

Of course, many were pleased for the boy and his mother, offering their congratulations.

But everyone was rather confused why he had all these medals and were especially curious whether these were all for academic awards or for something else.

So, after weeks of enjoying popularity on social media, his mom finally gave an explanation.

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