A Smiling Girl’s “Eye” Goes Viral after Netizens Discover it’s Entirely Something Else! You Really Can’t Unsee This

We’ve seen a lot of crazy things going viral these days – and there’s another one that has caught the netizens’ attention: a woman’s “eye”. In fact, it has gone so viral that the post has received over 63k reactions and close to 16k comments within just 3 days after it was first posted by Kendrick Kang.

Before we reveal why this had gone viral, first tell us what you see in this photo:

Photo credit: Kendrick Kang / Facebook

We’re quite sure you’d say this was a girl who might be playing peek-a-boo with someone on what appears to be a train. The eye does look a little creepy but it’s a smiling eye, right? Well, you’re wrong! And that’s the reason why this post has gone viral.

Kang, the uploader of the viral photos works in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia as a financial advisor at PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE (M) BHD. He claimed that he was on the way to an appointment one day when he chanced upon this smiling woman.

But he soon realized that he’s made a mistake! Why?

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