15 Things Filipino Kids have to Go Through during Holy Week

Filipinos love tradition – and it seems that we have various traditions and customs for just about any occasion or event. Have you noticed that in your family, too?

For example, every year during Holy Week, Filipinos do certain things or refrain from doing these things until the week is over – and that means you get your ‘normal’ life back on Easter Sunday.

And as every Filipino kid has experienced, these customs are enforced by their elders – and there really is nothing you can do about it except follow the rules and hope the days would pass by fast so it would be Easter Sunday and you can stop following the tradition. Whew!

So, here are 15 things that most Filipino kids have gone through during the Holy Week [and the kids today still have to go through, but now enforced by you! LOL]…

Let’s start with #1: Fasting

Stock photo by Pixabay

Everyone knows that you have to ‘fast’ during the Lenten Season but you don’t really have to worry a lot because you can eat almost everything, except pork meat. So, you can still eat as much Chicken Joy as you want — unless your Lola tells you to eat only one piece because it’s the Holy Week!