WATCH: Video Shows Baclaran Vendor ‘Recycling’ Unsold ‘Kwek-Kwek’ in Unsanitary Makeshift Kitchen

Filipinos love street food like kwek kwek, balut, isaw, tocino, and many others – but how safe and clean are the food items you buy from the streets, anyway?

Well, a lot of Pinoys would probably tell you that these are ‘street food’ after all, so you can’t expect them to be at par with the ones sold in fancy restaurants – but is it really alright for vendors to ‘recycle’ unsold food and sell them like they were fresh ones?

That’s the subject of a heated debate on Facebook page, Matalinong Matsing, after videos of a Baclaran vendor ‘recycling’ unsold ‘kwek kwek’ was posted on the page.

Screenshots from video by Matalinong Matsing – Facebook / Edward Evangelista

In these videos, the unnamed vendor could be seen washing off the orange-colored breading to separate the eggs. Then, these washed eggs were placed in a strainer in that rather dirty makeshift kitchen, presumably ready to be cooked as ‘fresh’ kwek kwek again.

What’s quite surprising is that although there were a number of people who were horrified with what the man was doing, a lot actually condone the action and commented that they see nothing wrong with the vendor recycling the food item.

Others wrote that they felt more pity for the vendor rather than anger because they know he’s trying to make an ‘honest’ living, instead of stealing from people – but isn’t his action still ‘stealing’ and cheating, in some way?

Many also laughed at those who felt squeamish over the video, writing that the vendor is selling street food – and street food is street food, if you get what they mean… Well, it’s hard to argue with that, right?

So, what do you think of these videos?

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