WATCH: Two Girls Escape Would-Be Kidnappers in Parañaque

Screenshot from video by ABS-CBN News

Two young girls, both 10 years old, were able to escape from would-be kidnappers in Parañaque City, Metro Manila after one of them elbowed her captor and ran away for help.

That girl’s mom tearfully described the horrifying experience, saying that she could not believe how her daughter barely escaped the kidnappers. The mom said that her daughter was invited by a classmate to go to a gym near their school.

But the two were approached by a couple who asked for directions to the barangay hall. When the children pointed the adults to the barangay hall, the latter asked them to accompany them there. The girls asked why should do that when they had already pointed the direction but the adults told them they needed to take their measurements for PE uniforms.

Screenshot from video by ABS-CBN News

Told that their teacher was waiting for them, the girls were asked to change into clothes the adults gave them. While the other kid did as she was told, out of fear, the daughter of the mother interviewed by TV Patrol did not follow because she grew suspicious as the clothes didn’t look good.

She was taken by the woman to a dark alley near 7-Eleven a block away but the girl had the courage to elbow her and run away as fast as she could! Thankfully, one of their teachers happened to be nearby and she quickly asked for help. They immediately went back and rescued the classmate who was with the man.

The kids reported the incident at the nearby barangay hall. While the CCTV footage clearly showed the woman leading the girl away, the perpetrators remain at large as of press time and have not been identified yet.

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