WATCH: The Internet Goes Crazy Over Video of Gorgeous Woman Transferring Crabs to the Sink with Bare Hands!

Screenshot from video by Spearfishing Mania / Facebook

A woman moving some crabs from the kitchen table to the sink has recently gone viral as she was holding those creatures with her bare hands! One even pinched her skin and made her cry out in pain but she went back to transferring the crabs to the sink despite the slight setback.

But considering the video was just about 15 seconds long, you wouldn’t think it would gain widespread attention – yet the clip has been viewed over 4.9 million times within just a week since it was posted by Facebook page, Spearfishing Mania! Errrrrr. Rather strange, right?

Screenshot from video by Spearfishing Mania / Facebook

Well, I guess that can be attributed to the woman’s deft hands in moving this crabs – or could it be because of her beauty? Perhaps that could be the case as we’ve seen a lot of videos and photos going viral because of the person’s beauty alone.

Could that be the case here? Well, that’s highly likely!

There were netizens who pointed out, however, that we should be immediately deceived by videos and photos of pretty ladies, especially if the origin of the video or photo is unknown as there is a possibility that the charming lady is actually from Thailand and is not a real girl but a ladyboy! Oooops.

Do you think this Crab Lady is actually a ladyboy?

Posted by Spearfishing Mania on Wednesday, February 22, 2017