WATCH: Shocked Mom Finds Disgusting Content in Dutch Mill Pack after Daughter Complains of Yucky Taste

When her daughter handed her a pack of her favorite Dutch Mill yogurt drink and said it tasted ‘yucky’, mom Franchesca Brown took a sip to check – and was shocked at the drink’s disgusting taste!

So, she took a video as she opened the pack which actually showed an expiry date of August 5, 2017 –that’s still a few months away. She didn’t know what she might find inside that disgusting pack but Franchesca just took a video for evidence.

To make sure no one will accuse her of faking the pack opening, she made sure to keep the camera focused on the pack. First, she took a shot of the Dutch Mill pack’s date to be sure it was the correct one and the pack wasn’t expired.

Screenshots from post by Franchesca Brown / Facebook

Then, she let her daughter hold her phone as she opened the pack – and was totally shocked upon opening to see the disgusting blackish content inside! Franchesca couldn’t help but curse as she looked at the pack’s content, especially because she and her daughter had taken a sip of the drink.

She shared the video on YouTube to warn other parents not to just given their children packed drinks but to first taste it themselves because things like this might also happen to them.

While she could be heard swearing in the video that she would never buy Dutch Mill again, she wrote on Facebook that it was not her intent to have the company banned but that she just hoped food companies would truly double, triple check every single product they sell to ensure this does not happen again.

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