WATCH: ‘Palit-Pera’ Modus Caught on CCTV as Gay Tricks Spa Receptionist into Giving Him Php3,000!

While there are a lot of disabled people who try their best to earn an honest living, there are also a lot of able-bodied people who ‘earn’ money through unscrupulous ways – and these people don’t mind stealing from other people’s hard-earned money!

In Las Piñas City, a still unidentified gay was caught on CCTV as he tricked a spa receptionist into thinking she made a mistake in giving him Php300 when in reality she actually gave him Php3,000!

According to a YouScooper named Jose, the gay went to the spa at around 11:30 PM last February 19 for a massage. The audio wasn’t so clear on the CCTV clip but it seems that the gay had other companions outside.

Photo credit: YouScoop / GMA News

While the receptionist told him that he can pay after the massage, he insisted on paying at once and gave her three Php1,000 bills. The receptionist gave him Php900 as change and he told her they would just come back later for the massage as they had to drop by someplace else.

Suddenly, the gay changed his mind and asked the receptionist if they could just pay later. So, he gave back the Php900 and she gave him back his Php3,000.

But watch the video closely. As soon as he received the Php1000 bills, he quickly pushed these inside his bag and produced three Php100 bills from his other hand. These he put on the table, telling the receptionist she made a mistake by giving him Php300 instead of Php3,000.

Thinking she really made a mistake, the receptionist took the money and gave him another Php3,000. He told her he surely wasn’t trying to trick her as he lived just a few houses down the street. She nodded and he went out the spa, Php2,700 richer!

Watch the CCTV footage here:

Huli sa CCTV ang palit-pera modus ng isang suspek sa isang spa sa Las Piñas City noong February 19.

Ayon kay…

Posted by GMA News on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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