Visually Impaired Student, Graduates Cum Laude and Wants to Help Other Special Needs Students Like Him!

With one eye totally blind and the other partially so, one student became an inspiration to many after he graduates cum laude from Western Mindanao State University despite his condition!

Born with Marfan Syndrome which caused total blindness on his right eye and partial blindness on his left eye, 20-year-old Abdulaziz Dapilin of Lamitan City, Basilan didn’t let his condition dictate his future. Instead, he strove hard to do his best in school.

Abdulaziz wanders around campus without a guide; although his friends readily help him out when they see him.

Instead of a regular notebook and paper, Abdulaziz uses a laptop equipped with a special app which he uses to take down notes.

Photo credit: Abdulaziz Hajimin Dapilin / Facebook

He wrote on his Facebook account, “Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education SY 2016-2017, I praise Allah upon all conditions, for blessing me with a kind of disability that have caused encouragement and success rather than discouragement and failure.

Abdulaziz plans to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in September. After that, he hopes to teach students with special needs just like him – and they surely have the best teacher in him because he has firsthand experience in having special needs!

Photo credit: Jewel Reyes /ABS-CBN News

It is wonderful that Abdulaziz has not dwelled on his disability but used it as inspiration and encouragement to succeed in his studies. We sure hope he passes the LET and get hired soon!

Congratulations, Abdulaziz Dapilin!