Tricycle Driver Earns Praise, Receives Award for Returning Bag with Huge Amount of Money and Gadgets

In a world where there are lots of robbers and thieves who make us fear walking in the streets or riding public transport because we might lose our valuables, there still are a lot of people who prove that not everyone is bad and that there are still honest ones who do not hesitate to do everything they can, all for truth and honesty.

One of these guys is a tricycle driver [body number B2-568] named Rannie A. Nunag of San Mateo, Rizal in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Jann DG

According to netizen Jann DG in a now viral Facebook post, her mom and niece went to Budgetlane in Ampid, San Mateo to withdraw money. Because their car wasn’t available at the time, the two had to commute despite not being adept in doing that.

Because she had a lot of things to bring and was also taking care of her granddaughter, Jann DG’s mom accidentally dropped her bag inside the tricycle. What made matters worse was that she had totally forgotten about the bag.

She changed her clothes and the family ate lunch. It was only when she was searching for a cigarette some 30 minutes after lunch that she realized the bag was gone! Not only did the bag contain a large amount of money, it also had her identification cards and gadgets that stored all their business contacts!

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