Teacher Who Flunked Several Times in College, Shares Story to Inspire Struggling Students

As exam weeks are approaching, a lot of students are once again experiencing a lot of difficulties in meeting project deadlines as well as juggling time to finish the rest of their school requirements while also studying for the final exams.

And it is, indeed, a sad reality that many of them will fail to make the grade and pass all their subjects. But that should not make these students feel like it is the end of the world because there have been a lot of students before them who failed not just once but several times – yet they managed to overcome the challenges and later succeed in life!

One of these students is Aimee Chavez Octaviano who is now a teacher in mathematics and science as well as a board passer yet she struggled in college and flunked a couple of times.

Photo with the ‘sablay’ taken after her first year in college
Photo credit: Aimee Chavez Octaviano

According to Octaviano in a post that has gone viral on Facebook, she is sharing the story to inspire those who are feeling down because they failed their exams.

She first narrated how she struggled during her first year due to homesickness; although she passed all her subjects at the University of the Philippines (UP) Los Baños, Laguna.

That summer, she and her family visited the National Museum where she had a selfie taken with a ‘sablay’ at the background; this piece of cloth is worn by UP students on graduation day. It was one of her ultimate goals to wear one.

Little did she know that the following year would become a struggle.

Second year college came and boom! First semester, I failed Bio30 Genetics (IT WAS REALLY HARD FOR ME 😭) and Chem40 Organic Chemistry (passed Chem16 and 17, they were easy but 40…..huhu). Again, I cried. But I knew it was my fault. It was a fact that the courses were hard but it was also a fact that I did not do my best,” she wrote.

Second semester I passed Bio30 finally (yey) but still failed Chem40. On both tries I was under great professors which made the course a lot harder but it’s not right to put the blame on them. It was all my fault.

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