Swarm of Bees Flying in Ortigas Scares Netizens, Sparks Fears of “Big One” but Experts Say it’s a Normal Thing

Screenshots from videos by Gabz Laurel / Facebook

A bustling central business district in the heart of Metro Manila in the Philippines, Ortigas is a place packed with skyscrapers and modern infrastructures – and definitely a place you wouldn’t expect to find a lot of bees.

So, when a huge swarm of bees flew around Ortigas, buzzing over the skyscrapers and ‘visiting’ the offices in the high-rise buildings, netizens couldn’t help but feel terrified as that was something you don’t normally see in the big city.

With plenty of strange things happening across the country that netizens attribute to some kind of disaster, many were afraid that this might be a sign that the “Big One” earthquake is going to happen soon!

Screenshots from videos by Gabz Laurel / Facebook

Posts on Facebook by netizen Gabz Laurel, sharing videos of the huge swarm, both went viral on social media, with one gaining over 1.1 million views within a day.


Eto p oh. Different angle.
#beesinthecity #ortigas

Posted by Gabz Laurel on Tuesday, February 28, 2017


But experts scoff at the idea that the appearance of this huge swarm heralded danger.

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