Students Help Sick Woman Who Sells Kakanin Outside Their School, Netizens Also Helped after Story Goes Viral

An old lady who suffered from stroke was forced to continue selling ‘kakanin’ outside a school due to poverty as she needed to earn money to buy her medications – and some students of that school would soon help her out, not just providing her with medicine but also some basic needs and grocery items!

It all started when Amara Faye Hamilton noticed the old lady outside the gates of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), a school in San Fernando in Pampanga, Philippines.

While the old lady had been selling food there for a long time, it was the first time that Amara really had a good look at her as their eyes met. She was suddenly touched by the old lady’s plight; so, she went closer to ask the old lady why she was still at the school gates when it was already night time.

Photos by Amara Faye Hamilton / Facebook

The old lady, known to the students as Lola Pasing, admitted that she was there to sell food so she could buy her medications. At first, Amara thought Lola Pasing was the one who cooked the kakanin but the old lady revealed that she was just reselling the goods because she no longer has the strength to prepare/cook the food she sells as she suffered from a stroke some months ago.

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