Security Guard Graduates Cum Laude, From the School He has Guarded for 20 Years!

Age is not a hindrance, poverty is not a hindrance. Just pursue your dream with the formula: hard work plus determination plus prayer and you will reach your aspirations in life,” were the wise words from 38-year-old Erwin Macua, a security guard who will be graduating cum laude this year from the school he has guarded for 20 years!

The father of three who hails from Trinidad, Bohol has worked at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City as security guard for 20 years but working at the college had only intensified his hope of finishing his education.

So, despite needing to support three children in their own studies as well, Macua began to pursue a college education at the school he guards.

Photo credit: Annie Perez / ABS-CBN News

Using his savings, Macua enrolled in Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education degree, a course he picked because he loves children.

The guard said, “Education is a good course to deal with students and you can really change their lives.

Seeing his hard work and determination to finish his studies despite having to juggle a job as security guard at the school, an anonymous benefactor donated money to the college for Macua to finish his studies! So, for the remaining years of his education, Macua had nothing to worry about in terms of tuition fees.

He continued to work as security guard to support his family and so he could buy the things he needed for school.

All his hard work and sacrifice paid off because he will be among the graduates of SY 2016 – 2017. What’s more, Macua has finished his course with flying colors – and will be graduating as cum laude from the school he guards! Isn’t that so wonderful?

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

Macua plans to continue with his guard duties while self-reviewing for the licensure exams for teachers and if he passes the board exams, only then will be return his gun and security guard uniform in favor of chalk and a teacher’s uniform.

Congratulations, Sir Erwin Macua! We pray for your continued success and wish you luck for the teacher’s board exams!