School Plans to Give Brand New Car to Tricycle Driver’s Son Who Topped Physician Board Exams

As the topnotcher of the March 2017 Physician Licensure Exams, new doctor Karl Emmanuel Mercader got social media attention not just for ranking #1 but for also being the son of a tricycle driver.

See – Proud Son of Tricycle Driver, Top #1 in March 2017 Physician Licensure Exams

A lot of netizens praised Mercader for making it to the top, despite not coming from a rich family. Netizens were also touched upon learning that even if he’s already 71 years old, dad Perfecto Mercader did not stop driving his tricycle so he could help provide for his son’s needs.

Mercader’s mother is a lawyer while his siblings helped send him to medical school.

Photo credit: Ian Cruz / GMA News – Facebook

It was also revealed in the GMA News report on 24 Oras that Mercader was supposed to graduate back in 2011 but quit school due to financial constraints. He worked as a call center agent for a couple of years before getting back to med school upon his 90-year-old grandma’s request; the old lady wanted him to become a doctor.

After he finished his studies, his dad urged him to study hard so he could pass the licensure exams but told him not to feel too pressured nor aim very high so he wouldn’t be disappointed. What’s important for Daddy Perfecto was that he would just pass the exams and become a doctor.

Thus, it was a wonderful surprise for everyone when Mercader topped the exam taken by over 1,300 aspirants.

For bringing pride to his alma mater, Mercader’s school plans to award him with a brand new car! Awesome, isn’t it?

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