Proud Son of Tricycle Driver, Top #1 in March 2017 Physician Licensure Exams

Did you know that the Top #1 in the March 2017 Physician Licensure Exams is a son of a tricycle driver? Inspiring, isn’t it?

While tricycle drivers aren’t exactly rich, a lot of them are blessed with intelligent and hardworking children who earn a scholarship and get to finish college, even post-graduate and medical degrees! So, when we hear news of tricycle drivers’ children finishing their degrees in flying colors as well as becoming topnotchers in board exams, we really can’t help but also feel proud!

Photo credit: Ian Cruz / GMA News – Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a big round of applause to Karl Emmanuel Mercader, a graduate of the University of Perpetual Help System, who has topped the March 2017 Physician Licensure Exams!

Mercader is proof that being poor should never be a hindrance to success – and that every kid has the right to dream big!

Congratulations, Doctor Karl Emmanuel Mercader! We would also like to congratulate your dad for a job well done in sending you to school and raising you well… We pray for your success!