Pinoy ‘Catwalk King’ Earns Praise for Selflessly Donating a Kidney to Dying Sister

Sinon Loresca has become a household name as the gay comedian who strutted in sky-high stilettos while wearing bright blue Speedos. He would gain worldwide renown for mastering the art of wearing sky-high stilettos not just in walking like a Miss Universe candidate but also in playing basketball and working out at the gym!

Yeah, he is hilarious!

But a lot of people do not know that behind the comedy lies a sad story of how he struggled as a child due to abusive parents; although he would later forgive them and be at peace.

His life story was recently aired in his home network’s “Magpakailanman” where he played himself. In the episode, actress Chynna Ortaleza plays Sinon’s sister for whom he donated his other kidney.

Sinon with actress Chynna Ortaleza who plays his sister on Magpakailanman
Photo credit: Sinon Loresca / IG

According to Sinon, when his London-based sister told him she was dying as both her kidneys are failing due to chronic kidney disease and that her only chance of surviving was if they find a donor, he did not hesitate to immediately fly there to donate his!

It was a good thing he was the perfect match. But while both operations were a success, the siblings received bad news from the Philippines that their father died. They weren’t able to attend his funeral as they weren’t cleared to travel yet but Sinon made sure to visit his grave as soon as he got back home, having now forgiven his dad for everything the older man had done to him all his life.

For sure, Sinon’s story on Magpakailanman broke a lot of hearts and brought tears to a lot of eyes – but it surely inspired us all to love our family and accept them for who they are…

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