Pinay Teen Who Turned Four Chairs in Blind Auditions, Wins Third Place in “The Voice Israel”

Screenshot from video by The Voice Israel / YouTube

Back in 2014, Filipina caregiver Rose “Osang” Fontanes won “X Factor Israel” – and a young Pinay is following her footsteps in the country by first impressing all four coaches during the “blind auditions” portion of the show before proceeding to win the next stages and finally making it to third place in the finals.

While she didn’t win the coveted first place, 17-year-old Ezra Joy Ng has gained the local media’s attention and has also become a social media darling.

Watch her blind audition here:

Her voice is incredible smooth and controlled – and the judges seemed amazed to see someone so young on the stage when they turned around. While we could not understand a word of what the judges were saying, it was clear from their expressions that they were quite impressed with Joy’s performance.

Screenshot from video by The Voice Israel / YouTube

That’s not puzzling, of course, as Joy did manage to make all the four coaches turn around!

Watch another stellar performance from Joy:

Here’s another video of Joy singing Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, a performance that clinched her a spot in the semi-finals:

Watch her final performance of “Hallelujah” in this video:

Joy’s outstanding performance in the finals made us all proud to be Filipinos in Israel,” said Neal Imperial, the Philippine Ambassador to Israel.

He added, “Despite being the youngest finalist, she showed grit and tenacity and her voice never wavered. She has become a uniting figure for all Filipinos in Israel.

Congratulations, Joy Ng!