Photos of Gay with Handsome ‘Boyfriend’ Go Viral, But Netizens Claim Snapshots are Fake

While the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community has rejoiced that they are more welcome these days than in the past and that they could already get married to their partners in some areas where that union is legalized, there are still a lot of countries where people frown on such relationships.

In the Philippines, while it is not illegal to be LGBT (there are countries where that is prohibited!), same sex unions are not legal and are actually frowned upon by the community, especially because the country is touted as the top Christian country in Asia – and ranks fifth in the world!

Still, there are already a lot of LGBT who have come out of the closet and have actually been widely received by the community.

Photos by Facebook / Bes, Kalma.

So, when photos of a gay with his alleged boyfriend surfaced on social media after these were shared by Facebook page Bes, Kalma., these received mixed reactions from people – especially because the boyfriend looks quite handsome. A lot of girls lamented why handsome guys also choose gays when they, the girls, can’t even find a decent guy to have as boyfriend.

But there were those who tried to prove that the photos were edited. One netizen wrote that the guy’s arm didn’t look quite right in one of the photos yet his fingers appeared to hold his gay boyfriend by the waist.

Photos by Facebook / Bes, Kalma.

What do you think? Are the photos fake or not? We’re also looking into the angle that the guy might be just a tourist in the Philippines and this gay just wanted to take a photo with him – but we don’t want to be called bitter, too…