Pangasinan’s Newly Opened Sunflower Maze is Now Temporarily Closed, Pending Replacement of Withered and Damaged Flowers

“A-Maze-Ing Sunflowers” is one of the newest attractions located in Tayug, Pangasinan. Opened last February 15, the attraction proved so popular that they received as many as 1,500 visitors per day!

But while many people have just learned about the attraction and planning to visit soon, they have to postpone the trip because a staff from the company that owns the maze has informed the public that the place is temporary closed, pending replacement of the withered and damaged flowers.

Photos by Carl Taawan / ABS-CBN News

A staff of Allied Botanical Corporation told ABS-CBN News in a phone interview, “Fully mature na kasi ‘yong mga sunflowers, tapos umulan pa ng malakas noong isang araw kaya naglaglagan na ‘yong mga petals.

Moreover, Allied Botanical Corporation revealed that many of the flowers were heavily damaged by the tourists who sat or stepped on them!

The company representative did reveal that the attraction will re-open in March, after they finished replacing the damaged flowers.

We are hopeful that visitors will now be more careful when they visit the maze so the flowers won’t be damaged and the attraction won’t be closed again!