One-Legged Man Walks 2 Kilometers from the Mountain to Sell Farm Products to Feed Family

There are so many things that can get us down and make us feel like there is no hope left – yet we forget that despite our difficult circumstances, there are still a lot of people who envy our lives and want to experience the life that we currently have!

A lot of people are experiencing things that are more difficult than what we are experiencing – such as this one-legged man who walks 2 kilometers from the mountain just to sell farm products so he can feed his family!

Photos by Lodalina Tomon / Facebook

According to Lodalina Tomon who shared photos of this one-legged man on Facebook, Allan Aguilar currently lives in Brgy. Mabicay in Sogod, Southern Leyte in central Philippines; but he hails from Mindanao where he was born and raised.

He was actually born with two legs.

Growing up in poverty, Aguilar’s father forced him to stop school at a young age so he can help the family earn a living. Sadly, he met an accident at the farm and his right leg had to be amputated.

Ten years ago, Aguilar was brought to Leyte by concerned aunts because his in-laws frequently bullied him. It was in Leyte where he learned to carry heavy farm products from the mountain, down to the villages below despite his disability.

He can carry as much as 50 kg of bananas to sell in town and earn money for his family.

Tomon hopes that in sharing Aguilar’s story, someone will be able to help him and that he can serve as an inspiration to others.