Netizen Shares Heartbreaking Photo of Dog with Tribal Knife Stuck to Its Side at Cagbalete Island

While dogs are undeniably man’s best friend, there are a lot humans who view dogs are creatures they can easily make fun of. One such poor dog was photographed at Cagbalete Island, a small island located a short ride away from Mauban, Quezon.

According to the netizen who goes by the handle Burn Casano Celestial on Facebook, she spotted the dog while they were on their way to the sandbar. But when their boat reached the shore, they were not able to see the dog at the beach; although she was already able to take some snapshots of the poor creature.

Photo credit: Burn Casano Celestial / Facebook

At the beach, Celestial’s group tried to find the dog and its owner when a group of kids talked to them. It turned out one of the boys owned the dog. The young lad revealed that the dog was also used as target by some people who shot it with an improvised gun.

While the dog survived, it would soon experience more cruelty when an unknown person stabbed it with the tribal knife which remains stuck on its side. Poor dog.

Celestial revealed that she did her best to help the dog and find people on the island to help it but their response was something she didn’t expect. So, she posted the dog’s story on Facebook in hopes that people could help the poor creature.