LOOK: Touching Photo of Dad Treating Kids to Jollibee While He Didn’t Have Any Food Goes Viral, Sparks Help from Netizens

The touching photo of a selfless dad treating his kids to Jollibee while he didn’t have any food has gone viral after it was shared by netizen Jhunnel Sarajan; and this has paved the way for the family to receive much-needed help from netizens.

Despite suffering from a mild stroke some 4 years ago, Tatay Ryan Arebuabo of Juan Luna in Tondo, Manila now raises his two daughters by himself through selling in the streets. A cousin would later share on Facebook that Tatay Ryan’s wife left him when he suffered a stroke.

Sarajan spotted Tatay Ryan watching his two children eat at a Jollibee outlet while he didn’t have any food on the table. Since there was no order number left on the table, Sarajan was sure this selfless dad wasn’t just waiting for his order to arrive – he actually had none!

Photos by Jhunnel Sarajan / Facebook

Touched by the scene, Sarajan shared on Facebook:


I can’t contain my emotion when I saw them in Jollibee. Walang kinakain si kuya, mapakain lang ang kanyang mga anak.

This is a photograph of a father’s love. A depiction of genuine selflessness.

Some also commented that Sarajan should have given the kind dad a meal – and it turned he actually did that because in the next post he shared on Facebook, Tatay Ryan was already eating with his children.

Sarajan further shared that Tatay Ryan suffered a stroke and that he is a street vendor. The touching scene would quickly go viral across various blogs and Facebook pages. This led to many netizens offering to send money or food to Tatay Ryan and his children.

Sarajan suggests that those who wish to help can do so in three ways: medical assistance for Tatay Ryan, educational assistance for his two children, and livelihood assistance so he could sell more and earn more for his family.

To those who wish to help Tatay Ryan, you can directly contact his uncle who is a barangay councilor via:


+63 947 767 0020

Barangay 61 Zone 5

District 1 Manila